Digital Mammography

Digital Mammography

Digital mammography is performed on special X ray machines, designed only for imaging breasts. Unlike conventional mammography machines that produce the results on film, the black and white X ray images captured by digital mammography are instantaneously processed by a computer and remain electronic images for viewing on a monitor screen. In addition to it being a faster procedure, some of the many advantages of digital mammography over conventional film mammography include its superior ability to reveal cancer in women with dense breasts and the capability doctors have to magnify and manipulate the breast images to obtain the most information.  

Hear the stories of women who are breast cancer survivors thanks to a mammogram.

Screening Guidelines

Florida Hospital, FRi and the American Cancer Society recommend women at average risk of breast cancer begin annual screenings starting at age 40.  Women should continue to get screening mammograms for as long as she is in good health.  If you're at high risk for breast cancer (family history, previous cancer, etc.) talk to you doctor about when to begin screenings.


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