Applicant FAQ


Q.  How do I apply to the residency program at Advent Health Orlando?
A.  You must apply through ERAS.

Q. What is USMLE cutoff score?
A. There is no USMLE cutoff score; the screening committee reviews each application and
    considers the USMLE score in the context of the entire application.

Q. How many letters of recommendation do you require?
A. 3 letters.

Q. Do you require a clinical year of training prior to radiology residency?
A. Radiology Residency requires one ACGME-accredited clinical training year (internship) prior to starting radiology residency. Residents will complete internships in medicine, surgery, or transitional year internships. These transitional year programs are also applied for through ERAS.

Q. Do you have a cutoff for year of medical school graduation?
A. No

Q. Do you accept international medical graduates into your program?
A. Yes, if screening criteria are met.

Q. How many residents do you accept per year?
A. 4

Q. How many applicants will you interview, and when?
A. We will interview approximately 80 candidates. Monday interview dates for 2018-19 are as follows:

  • Oct - 15th
  • Oct - 22nd
  • Oct - 29th
  • Nov - 5th
  • Nov - 12th
  • Dec - 3rd
  • Dec - 10th

Q. How long is the interview day?
A. 8:30 am - 11:30 interviews and campus tour, 11:30 - 1 pm lunch then Radiology Conference with residents and attendings, and wrap-up until 1 pm. There will be a Sunday evening social the night before with the residents at the host hotel.

Q. Are hotal accommodations provided?
A. Yes! 

Q. How many interviews will I have?
A. You will have several interviews with various radiologists plus the Chief Resident and Program Director.

Q. Who can I contact for more information?
A. Mark Uva - Radiology Residency Program Coordinator: