Radiology residents are required by the ACGME to participate in a research project. Projects are wide-ranging and can include basic science research, clinical research, education-based projects, information-technology projects, or health care policy or medical administration projects.

Residents will be given 2 weeks of dedicated research time during their Radiology Residency, and 1 week to develop a Quality Improvement project.  Protected education and QI time will be provided. Up to 5 days for education and 5 days for QI for PGY-3, PGY-4, and PGY-5 residents. Radiology Attendings will serve as mentors for the residents, and a statistician is available for project design development and data processing.  Residents are free to choose an imaging research project of their own, or may collaborate with current projects underway.  Residents will be expected to present their findings at Radiology Grand Rounds within the department, and will produce a manuscript that is worthy of publication in a peer-reviewed journal.  Residents may present their work at a national conference across the United States.

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