Teaching Opportunities

Teaching Opportunities

If you are interested in teaching medical students, we welcome you to bring your expertise and enthusiasm to help shape an outstanding medical student experience. We have a busy medical student clerkship (with up to 10 medical students on rotation at any one time) and provide education to students from our two local medical schools and others from around the United States. The following are just some of the opportunities in which you can get involved:

  • Learn how to engage your audience. Through a formal set of interactive sessions, learn the latest techniques in education, including how to create effective lectures.
  • Act as an instructor in the anatomy lab for 1st year medical students from UCF. In UCF's anatomy lab, each cadaver is accompanied by a monitor that displays the individual's CT scan for direct radiologic and anatomic correlation.
  • Interact with students at the reading station, introducing them to key findings, diagnoses and appropriate use of diagnostic tools.
  • Create and present didactic lectures, in your area of interest, aimed at teaching radiologic principles to medical students.
  • Be among the team of residents and attending radiologists that interact with our local schools' Radiology Interest Groups.
  • Earn the academic title of "Education Chief". One senior resident will be elected to this position and have significant influence on the direction of the medical student experience.


Medical Student Teaching at the Workstation
Medical Student Workstation


UCF Anatomy Lab

UCF anatomy lab 1


Advent Health radiology resident Dr. Bo Liu (right) instructs UCF medical students

in the UCF anatomy lab.

UCF anatomy lab 2


Advent Health attending radiologist Dr. Christopher Wasyliw (left) instructs UCF

medical students in the UCF anatomy lab.

UCF anatomy lab 3


UCF Anatomy Lab


Presentation to the UCF Radiology Interest Group, 2016

UCF radiology interest group 1


Advent Health radiology resident Dr. Dzmitry Fursevich presents to the UCF

Radiology Interest group